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breitling superocean price india

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Our Mission
Leadership Profiles
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Housing and Energy
Information Services
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Northwest New Jersey Community Action Partnership
Bio Poem on Poverty
Program of the Month
<p>The Pathways 2 Prosperity Bio Poem Project was inspired by Kentucky poet and teacher, George Ella Lyon. Ms. Lyon&rsquo;s poem, &ldquo;Where I&rsquo;m From&rdquo; has been used as a writing prompt by teachers from all over the world.&nbsp;&nbsp; Participants in the Pathways 2 Prosperity Bio Poem Project were asked to consider two questions in order to encourage the writing of their poems: &ldquo;What has life been like?&rdquo; and, &ldquo;Where am I headed?&rdquo;&nbsp; Here's a sample (scroll down):</p>
I am from self-loathing to loving myself</p>
I am from being scared to confident</p>
From being ashamed to being proud</p>
From always angry to being happy</p>
I am from no electricity to lights turned on</p>
I am from no cable to the choice to watch TV or not</p>
From no food to eating all the right healthy foods</p>
From no personal products to the feeling I can take care of us</p>
I am from an unreliable car to a reliable car</p>
I am from no job to a career</p>
<p>NORWESCAP has been offering the Individual Development Account (IDA) Program - Dollars To Dreams since 1999. This asset building tool program designed to enable low-income families to save towards a targeted amount usually used for building assets in the form of home ownership, post-secondary education and small business ownership. This most successful program works one to one with individuals with credit, budgeting, goal setting and of course asset accumulation.
One Hundred and ninety program enrolled participants have saved over $338,000.00, and with their savings their asset purchases total over $9,519,000.00. These assets included first time home buyers, small businesses including photography, pet sitting and cleaning services, and higher education included individuals receiving bachelors and master degrees.
NORWESCAP's Family Loan Program was established in 2001 to serve working individuals and families that might need a small loan to maintain their employment. This proven, innovative program provides small loans to low-income working families who cannot get loans elsewhere. It is based on the premise that life's unpredictable challenges <br><img src="http://people.timezone.com/breitling/bfaq/gallery/images/superocean_7.jpg"><br>
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